Why your help is so important to us

Every donation is valuable to us. We appreciate each and every one. Donations you make will be used to help and support the patients, carers and staff of Nottingham hospitals.

The donations you provide through the Just Giving portal will go towards many and varied projects. The staff of the hospital can apply for funding from us for those little things that really make a difference. So please give generously. As a result of your generosity we can really make a difference.

If your want to fundraise for us, you may well want to use Just Giving. The system allows you to quickly set up a fundraising event. Just Giving will handle all the donations to your cause including Gift Aid.

By using this service, you can forget the admin and get on with the fun of your event. You will be assured the money will be received by us safely.

Thank You!

If we haven’t said it before, thank you. Like any charity, it is only with your generosity that we exist and can do what we do. At its most basic level, the more that people donate, the more we can help. There are many ways you can help that don’t involve money. You can volunteer in our shops, become a member, donate items for sale or fundraise for us.

Ways you can fundraise

There are many different ways to fundraise for a charity in a bid to show your support, such as sponsored runs, auctions, bake sales or even a quiz night.